Classes & Support Groups

Centering Classes

We are excited to offer group prenatal care, also known as Centering Pregnancy! 

What is Centering?

Centering Pregnancy brings together 8-12 expecting mothers who are due around the same time, for 10
two-hour routine prenatal care visits. During each visit, you engage in your own care by checking your weight and blood pressure, recording your own health data, and having private time with a 
provider for a belly check. This active participation makes you more aware of your results and what it means to your and your baby’s health. The remaining time is a facilitated group discussion on health topics related to your pregnancy.


Why Centering?

Centering Pregnancy has benefits for moms, babies, and providers.

Better Health Outcomes: Increased rates of breastfeeding, reduced risk of preterm delivery, reduced rate of low birth weights.

Self-Care: You are actively engaged in  your own healthcare and own  your  health information.
Self-Confidence: Centering better prepares you for labor, delivery, and to care for your infant.

      More time with your provider: While enrolled in Centering, you will spend 10 times more time with a provider than women in traditional care. There is also no waiting, groups will start and end on time.
Support and Friendship: A special community develops within Centering groups. You will have the opportunity to support other expectant moms who are going through a similar experience. Fellow
moms are a wonderful resource during this very exciting but also stressful time.
Learning and Fun: Centering is fun and interactive! Participants are empowered to share and learn from others in the group.


How To Sign Up

To sign up for Centering, ask your provider at your new OB appointment. You can also call
the clinic at 217-366-1200. 

Who should come with? 

You may bring one support person with you to Centering, it is helpful if it is the same person each visit. To ensure the focus stays on mom, we ask that children not attend the group sessions. No childcare will be provided.

Is there an additional cost? 

Group prenatal care will be billed in the same fashion as traditional prenatal visits.

The only additional cost is $24.00 for the Centering Pregnancy notebook, which will be used throughout  all 10 sessions. You can purchase the book in our department at Christie Clinic on University.

Breastfeeding Classes

During this class, participants will learn how to breast-feed their infants and review the physiology of milk production. Common problems that mothers may encounter during breast-feeding and strategies for resolving them will be discussed. No class is too big or too small, come join us! 

If there is poor weather conditions, your instructor will get in touch with you to set up another day for class. 

Please call 217.366.1255 to reserve your space in a class. 

Where: Christie Clinic on Windsor, 1801 WIndsor Road, Champaign, IL, Education Room- 2nd floor 

When: Tuesday evenings, please see dates below: 

Tuesday, January 7

Tuesday, February 4

Tuesday, March 3

Tuesday, April 7

Tuesday, May 5

Tuesday, June 2

Tuesday, July 7

Tuesday, August 4

Tuesday, September 1

Tuesday, October 6

Tuesday, November 3

Tuesday, December 1​