Classes & Support Groups

Instructors for the following courses are Nurse Practitioners who are also certified childbirth educators.  Courses will be held in the reception area on the second floor of Christie on University.  Please call 366-1255 to reserve your space in a class.  We suggest you reserve a space in the Childbirth Preparation classes by your fifth month of pregnancy, planning to finish at least four weeks before your due date.

*If the weather is bad, your instructor will get in touch with you and set up another day for class


Childbirth Preparation

This class is designed for first-time mothers and their partner.  Participants will learn how to help

their labor be more efficient and less painful.  The final months of pregnancy, the birth process and relaxation and breathing techniques are all discussed in these classes.

We encourage you to bring a support person who can help you practice at home and eventually coach you during actual labor.  Please bring several pillows and dress comfortably since you will be on the floor for much of the class.

Saturday Classes Only—*Main Clinic, University Avenue-2nd Floor

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. as listed below:

2017 DATES

January 7th         January 21st

February 4th          February 18th

March 4th              March 18th

April 8th                April 22nd  

May 6th                 May 20th

June 10th               June 24th

July 8th                  July 22nd

August 12th           August 26th

September 9th       September 23rd

October 7th            October 21st

November 4th        November 18th

December 2nd        December 16th

**No class is too big or too small, come join us!!**


Breastfeeding Class

During this class, participants will learn how to breast-feed their infants and review the physiology of milk production.  Common problems that mothers may encounter during breast-feeding and strategies for resolving them will be discussed.

Tuesday Evening Classes Only–*Windsor Clinic-Education Room, Corner of Mattis and Windsor

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. as listed below:

2017 DATES

January 3rd             February 8th

March 8th                April 4th

May 2nd                  June 6th

July 5th                   August 1st

September 5th          October 3rd

November 7th          December 6th