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Sleeping in Pregnancy

By Candace McGregor, M.D.   Many women who are reading about what to expect in their pregnancy ask me about sleeping positions. They often say something like “I’ve always been a tummy sleeper, now what do I do?” or “I keep waking up on my back, am I hurting my... View Article

How Can We Optimize Our Breast Health?

The next time you are sitting with a group of other women, look around for a minute. If there are eight women in your group, it is likely that one of them will get breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. Is it one of them? Is it you? Are there things you can do right now and in the future to reduce this risk for you and your friends, partners, sisters, daughters? In this article, we will discuss answers to these questions, arming you with valuable information.

Why Is Our Medical Community Temporarily Pausing Water Birth?

Social media has exploded recently in response to the local announcement of a pause in water birth services. This article is our attempt to clarify the Christie Clinic Department of Ob/Gyn’s stance on water birth. Our goals include: to discuss the differences between laboring and birthing in the water, to... View Article

When Should You Consider a Pelvic Exam?

By: Candace McGregor, MD   Many women are celebrating what sounds, at first, to be the demise of the annual pelvic exam. In a recent review of scientific evidence, the American College of Physicians recommends against performing yearly pelvic exams for healthy low-risk women. Does this mean that they can... View Article

Dr. Candace McGregor in Kenya

Christie Clinic Department of OB/GYN believes in the importance of not only serving our local community but also a more global community. Here is a picture of Dr Candace McGregor holding twins she delivered during her recent 3 week trip to volunteer as an OB/GYN in a small rural community called Kapsowar Kenya. You can see more pictures from this beautiful country displayed in her Mahomet office.